Massage Therapy

Essential Wellness Massage

Tanya Hawkins, LMT

Tanya instinctively finds muscular dysfunction and tension and works with your muscles to release it, relieving the tension and adjusting the function. Her ability to read muscles and understand what they require for proper and healthy function is amazing.

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Serendipity Healing Massage

Betsy Weaver, LMT

Betsy seamlessly blends massage and energetic work together to not only affect the musculoskeletal system but also clear and balance energetic meridians. Betsy has an incredible intuitive ability to find blockages in various systems and release them leaving you feeling relaxed and restored.

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Smart Move Massage Therapy

Sherri Smith, LMT

Sherri is proficient in Body Insight. This is a unique neuromuscular method that uses movement during corrective manipulation for a faster return to optimal muscle function. She is also trained in Aroma Therapy Lymphatic Massage, a technique designed to de-stress, detoxify and rejuvenate.

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Advantage Therapeutic Massage

Ashley Morgan LMT

Ashley has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008 and a therapeutic massage instructor since 2012.

She began her massage career designing customized therapeutic massage protocols to complement physical therapy treatment plans for injury rehabilitation and pain management. After working alongside some of the best physical therapists and chiropractors in Colorado, she branched out into private practice to offer a wider variety of massage services and benefits to Northern Colorado's active and overworked population.

Because she has seen the incredible benefits of therapeutic massage in her own clients, she has a true passion for sharing her knowledge and experience in the classroom with the future therapists that will shape this industry. Her work is driven by a desire to bring wellness to her clients, and adherence to the highest standards and professional expectations, and the guidance of the most current scientific research on the efficacy and evolution of massage techniques.

When she is not practicing or teaching massage, she is usually writing. Her collaborative fantasy novel series, Osric's Wand, can be found on

When  not working, she enjoys time with her daughter and husband, reading, crafting, cooking, drawing, or drinking her umpteenth cup of coffee.

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