Muscle Relaxation Benefits of Massage

Tanya Hawkins, LMT

Life is stressful. Work, kids, chores, errands, friends, in-laws, etc.

The truth is, we could all use a relaxing, revitalizing massage. But how and why do massages make you feel so good? My goal through this series of short articles is to give you a few technical tips explaining why massage is good for you.

A primary and key benefit of massage is its healing power to relieve stress and aid in relaxation. A few areas that get in the way of this natural healthy state include muscle tension, stiffness, strained muscles, and sprained ligaments.

Muscle tension causes aches, pains, and reduces your body’s range of motion. Sadly, the more we ache and pain, the more we resist these movements and further reduce the overall range of motion. The cycle is vicious and harmful to your body. A massage targeted toward these problem areas relieves muscle tension, prevents stiffness, and brings your body back into a relaxed state and improves your overall range of motion.

Strained muscles and sprained ligaments also cause our bodies undue pain and agony. Strains and sprains require time and tenderness in order to heal properly. Massage promotes the faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments. An effective massage can target muscles in joint areas which will keep the muscles relaxed and promote tone allowing your muscles to truly perform their job with maximum effectiveness. In turn this reduces the stress on your ligaments between bones so that they may provide maximum stability and strength at your joints without carrying the load intended for muscles and tendons.

These healing benefits of massage keep the muscles in a healthy, relaxed state. This reduces muscle spasms and prevents the cycle from repeating itself and keeps your body in an overall better state of health and well being. The stresses of everyday life can take a toll on your body and mind. Getting massaged regularly reduces this toll by releasing the tension within your muscles and helping you reach a state of total relaxation.

Thank you for reading and I hope I have been able to fill you in on a few of the many benefits of massage. In the end though, as long as it makes us feel good and ready to take on tomorrow, perhaps a ‘spare me the details, just make me feel better’ attitude is all we need. For more information visit:

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